Power Paths Special Edition DVD

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Price: $29.95

This Power Paths Special Edition DVD will introduce you to the Just Transition Team leaders in moving beyond fossil fuels towards renewable energy.

In addition to the award winning film there are Special Features from both national and community leaders like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Native Activist Winona LaDuke that explain what we need to do to move forward with renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Place the DVD into your computer to access the groundbreaking Citizen Action Guide on the DVDROM sector of the DVD. Here, you will find materials that will give you an in-depth understanding of the full lifecycle of coal and its effects, from the mines to the power plants to your use of fossil fuels in your home.

The Guide contains downloadable features including educational resources, house party materials, posters and help materials for you to become engaged in the fight to stop the construction of new coal-fired power plants. Also you'll find valuable resources and links to help you to reduce your own energy consumption.