Power Paths is a production team with wide background and experience in renewable energy, Native America and digital media production. What began as a search for the stories of energy innovators across America has evolved into a realization that Native American leaders are in the forefront to begin utility scale renewable energy projects to provide clean and sustainable energy for their tribes and surrounding cities.  The technology of renewable energies could provide a more rapid transition from fossil fuels.

Power Paths will reveal this story through the eyes of Native Americans who have made a firm decision to protect ancestral lands and resources for future generations.  The production follows leaders of the Sioux, Navajo and Hopi as they struggle to convert their tribes dependence on coal toward use of renewable energy.

Bo Boudart, project director has written, produced, documentaries,  promotional, dramatic, and educational programs for television networks including PBS, the Discovery Channel, CBC, and NHK Network. The themes of programs encompass nature, science, conservation,  indigenous cultures and the environment.

Recent projects include Oil on Ice as co-producer/director, principal videographer- a one hour documentary on issues of energy policy, Alaska Natives and conservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; winner, International Documentary Association Pare Lorentz Award, Hugo Award, International Wildlife Film Festival Best Environmental Documentary, and nominated Best Feature documentary, American Indian Film Festival.

Co-producer Norman Brown is Navajo and has written, produced and directed documentary, dramatic, and educational films and videos about his people. In 2005, he wrote, produced, and directed "Rez Hope", a docu-drama to educate Native American communities about the effects of alcohol and substance abuse. He developed an outreach program to the greater Native American population designed to promote discussion of these problems with the New Mexico state agencies, community health groups, and Native American youth organizations.

Brown has also written, directed and produced "Horse Song", a one hour tv drama about diabetes in the Navajo language with English subtitles. "Kei' Bidziil" was a 4 part tv series about strong family relations. Brown has also been video technical advisor and production specialist for Navajo Area Indian Health Service.

He has been a Native American advisor for ABC TV series such as "The Return of Jimmie Blackwater" and "Hope and Prey". Norman has also played principal roles in feature films including, "The Thin Red Line"(Warner Bros.), "Raising Arizona" (Coen Bros), "Black Day, Blue Night" (independent), and "The Doe Boy" (independent feature) 

Christopher Philipp , co-producer has over twenty-five years of media production experience, including videography,  and location production for Oil on Ice.

His videography awards include an Emmy given by Northern California's National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for "Television News," and a Silver Envision Award for videography on students' future goals called "Dreams and Challenges." He also has over a dozen years of teaching experience in video and digital media production.

Power Paths will reveal this story through the eyes of people who have made a firm decision to protect ancestral lands for future generations, following leaders of the Sioux, Navajo and Hopi as they struggle to recover control over the destiny of their tribes.