Oregon Governor Outlines Energy Efficiency Proposals

On June 17, Governor Ted Kulongoski (D-OR) outlined a series of energy efficiency proposals at a climate conference in Portland to complement his major push in the upcoming 2009 legislature: a cap-and-trade system on carbon emissions. Gov. Kulongoski said, “Cap-and-trade is not the silver bullet. A winning strategy for reducing both consumption and emissions requires much more. . . The single most effective thing we can do to reduce emissions is to create more energy efficiency and be aggressive in our conservation.”

Kulongoski offered highlights of a few proposals:

    * Setting a goal of zero net emissions on new commercial and residential buildings by 2030.
    * Implementing the use of energy performance certificates.
    * Updating the state Business Energy Tax Credits and the State Energy Efficient Design standards to incorporate energy efficiency further into the policies.
    * Increase public awareness of energy efficiency measures, particularly how saving energy helps families reduce costs.

Kulongoski said, “I want Oregon to lead the nation in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. These issues define who we are as Oregonians.”

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